The Assassin

The assassin was my final major project for my foundation year at Coventry University. Grate, I cannot find another word to describe better last year. Not because it was the year when finally I started the university or just because my whole experience in that period was pretty cool. ’16 was a great year because I finally find out how I suppose to put my sh*t tougher when we start to talk about art.

The assassin project, in a big part, is the reflection of what this year left behind. At this stage (when I started the project) to make a complete research with an inspiration source as sudden as the sun in England, was not a challenge anymore.

The most influences ideas/periods are from the 15th-16th century, Roma and the video game Assassin’s Creed.

In the big plan, this jacket is a normal one, it will cover you, it will make you feel hot and more, it will not cheat on you. What if I tell you that your neck will be hot too and I am sure that you will not fill the England wind, however, the greatest part starts just now, when I am telling you that we can use the same collar as a backpack?

Yes, because I know how is to run the whole day with a handbag bigger than you without having space for a lipstick. This type of collar has three different types to help you:

1st The Incognito Collar


2nd The Fashion Collar



3rd The Backpack




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