Bicester Village

The induction period started one week ago and today we visit Bicester Village for our first project.

Bicester  Village is the best place for shopping around Coventry. Besides the variety of brands, you will find a quiet and nice place to treat yourself.

The only rule for this project was to make four outfits for our partner.

My partner was a Romanian girl, Ioana, a nice body for which is not difficult to fit in ‘this day’s clothes’.

The first brand where we stopped was Dolce & Gabbana, a daring outfit, perfect for a night out.

For the second outfit, we have been at Ted Baked’s shop. I love their clothes, here you can find everything you want, does not matter your style. This outfit can be worn in different places as a garden party or a casual cocktail, with the same success.

Stella McCartney was my third option, I chose it because with these kinds of classic elements you can easily build an ideal outfit without to looking over-stressed.

I find the last outfit in Armani’s shop, an office outfit as everyone needs to have the minimum of classic style (office, sport, classic, casual).

I cannot say something more than GREAT EXPERIENCE. To choose an outfit for somebody else without involving your personal opinions is not the easiest thing and this was a good challenge for us.

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