Life is more than fitting in your jeans

‘Life is more than fitting in your jeans’  YES, it is true, for me to look and feel good means more than 0 sizes. I have not been to a real shopping session since ages and I compliantly forgot why I prefer to stay home shopping online or making my own clothes instead of going to a super fancy mall.

After my visit to Bicester Village, the size and shape problems comes back to my mind. I know that this is a taboo topic, however, it should not be. We are as we are and not the jeans size will talk for us.

My all days question:

Way the biggest fashion brands have sizes from 4 -10, 12 in a happy case ??  I can understand that everyone wanna a good presentation of their products, but also not everyone is a top model and the clothes brand should take this into consideration.

Let’s take my body as an example:

I love my body as it is, but is a horror to go shopping. Now, when I am thinking about this I realize that I do not have more than 10 pieces of clothing which are not adjusted. This is the saddest think nowadays, everybody is looking for BEAUTIFUL but a standard one, which can fit in a size 4 maximum.

Likewise, another big problem is THE SHAPE, after 5-7 years of searching I am really disappointed about how they treat the human body.  One time at 5-10 years THE PERFECT SHAPE OF BODY is being changed. Today, K. Kardashian body shape is on top, and I am not gonna say anything bad about these girls which are trying to get the curviest butt, however, just remember, almost 20 years ago was really cool to have no curves.

Now, another question:

What everyone will do when the perfect body shape will be changed again  ?!?!? They will take off the whole surgeries or give up at that series of exercise ?!?!

Our body is our temple, we should not dry it in pink just because a magazine said it.

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